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Anonymous said: Birth control and free healthcare weren't part of the documents that built this country. The right to bear arms was.

My point is that the argument “we can have whatever we want” is flawed. While we’re at it though, you are right, but there are laws and strong precedence that protect bodily integrity. The right to bear arms was not initially in the constitution but added as the second amendment stating “a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” This means that we were allowed guns in case we needed to band together and become a militia. Yet these guns are being used not for banding together and fighting a common enemy (as was the case back when the amendment was instated). In the early 2000s annual gun related deaths went something like this:

  • Germany: 381
  • France: 255
  • Canada: 165
  • United Kingdom: 68
  • Australia: 65
  • Japan: 39
  • Good Ol’ USA: 11,127

It should be pointed out that those 11,127 people were likely not a common enemy we all banded together to fight against, but our own citizens. Some in self defense, some as a result of petty crime, some innocents like a girl in my city who was shot and killed on her porch in a drive-by shooting two years ago. The numbers have varied over the years but not by too much.

The US has had more mass shootings than any other country. In fact we have so many, so regularly, that the legal definition for mass shooting has to be changed to exclude more instances. OBVIOUSLY someone needs to be severely mentally unstable to commit mass murder (or attempted murder). It’s not like an ordinary person has a bad day and shoots up a mall. But why are our death rates so much higher than everywhere else? WE HAVE A TON OF FUCKING GUNS AND THEY ARE SO EASY TO GET A HOLD OF. More than 3/4 of the guns used in mass shootings were obtained legally.

 (Note this chart does not account for shootings that were excluded post-definition change)

You can literally go into a Walmart and get yourself a gun while you’re out picking up barbecue fixings (because ‘merica). It’s not like there are no crazy people in England of Japan. There’s nothing in the water here that’s draining our empathy. We just have guns. Guns that are easy to get.

I’m not saying BAN ALL GUNS THEY ARE THE DEVIL AMERICA IS DOOMED TO GO DOWN IN A HAIL OF BULLETS. But I am saying: Regulate it a bit more, yo. Set some limits. Lock up your guns. Don’t give guns to guys who, I don’t know, made dozens of twisted videos online, posted in hate forums, and wrote a 100+ manifesto which he sent to friends and family detailing his intense disdain for popular men and all women and how he wants people to die. They might do something crazy like attempt to shoot up a sorority house and then shoot anyone he comes across during his rampage.

me: ...gun contro-
person: stop trying to tell me what I can and can't have this is america and we have the freedom to have whatever the fuck we want
person: except birth control
person: and abortions
person: affordable healthcare
person: equal pay
person: gay marriage
person: and basic human treatment that isn't biased towards or against anyone of a specific race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or economic disposition.
person: god bless america
person: fuck socialism

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